Outstanding rendition of ‘Billionaire’ in the battle rounds of The Voice Kids PH

The battle rounds of the Voice of the Kids PH is probably the hardest part of the contest, it is the point wherein you have to choose one and lose the others.
Team Bamboo’s Emman and Sandy, Altair, and Romeo belted out the song ‘Billionaire’ in their own way.
Yes, you’ve read that right, there are parts of the song that were tagalized and sang by the tandemAmman and Sandy together with their traditional instrument called ‘Diwdiw’.


Meanwhile, Altair and Romeo sand the rest of the song in English and I must admit that they really are great!
Coach Bamboo claims that they did an outstanding performance, but there’s this one boy that really stood up. In the end, he chose Altair to move into the next round!
Let the whole world know about this performance!
Via The Voice Kids Philippines