Ciara Sotto fires back again to her husband’s mistress Valeen Montenegro! Check this out!

In the first month of the year, Ciara Sotto and husband Joe Oconer finally decided to end theirrelationship. Their reason for calling it quits was an alleged third party.
Last February 5, Ciara posted a friendly reminder for her husband’s mistress: ‘God is not going to bless you with someone else’s husband.’ There were also claims thate Valeen Montenegro was the mistress she is talking about.
Moreover, during the interview of with Valeen, she claims that she is not the reason why thecouple split up. As a result, Ciara decided to post another meaningful message to Valeen.
The post reads:
Furthermore, it is only Valeen’s name which was revealed to be the alleged third party. Until now, this issue is circulating online on different social media sites.
It was also revealed that Ciara was able to know that there was something going on between Jojo and Valeen through their telephone bill. There was a specific number which was new to the eyes of Ciara.
When she asked the number to some of her friends, she discovered that it was Valeen’s number. That’s why Ciara decided to leave their house and end her relationship with her husband.