10 Beautiful Places in Lombok Island



Lombok is east of the island of Bali. Lombok offers a lot of empty beaches and dreams often isolated, people are friendly and interesting, and delicious food and wonderful nature. Islands become my personal favorite.


  1.  Gili Islands

It seems small compared to Lombok. It is located a 20-minute boat ride. Gili is very popular for scuba diving and snorkeling. Backpackers and tourists visit especially Gili Trawangan.

2.  Mount Rinjani

The second highest volcano in Indonesia is definitely one of the highlights of Lombok. You can order a tour of several days to the lake and the hole until you reach in all the tourist places.

3.  Senggigi

To explore these 10 Beautiful Places in Lombok Island next road to the beach is the best to use a motorcycle, which you can of the hill Malimbu. It offers fantastic views of the beach and Malimbu Gili Islands. Check out other points of view and the beach, which you can find in this way also because it is also worth seeing.

4.  Pusuk Monkey Forest

Taking the winding road through the heart of the mountain scenery is the second option is to get to the question. It is one of finding called monkey jungle, named after a lot of wild monkeys in the forest and near the road. Feed the hungry little bastard and worrying given if you want.

5.  Mawun Beach

Now I will introduce you to three of my favorite beach of Lombok. Depending on the working day and the time of day this beach soft white sand and turquoise waters largely deserted. Secluded beach and is located in the bay is almost closed, and that you can easily with your scooter also access.

6.  Tanjung Aan

Turquoise sea, white sand, and the way I like it. So here you can enjoy rock climbing in the view of the bay and the beach.

7.  Pink Beach

If you really made you will be rewarded with a quiet secluded beach. The so-called after the pink sand is composed of coral. The view from the point of view is remarkably close and also near Tanjung Ringgit popular.

8.  Mosques and Hindu temples

This is why you can see and hear, especially mosques everywhere. If the book accommodation in advance you should inform yourself if it is located near the mosque. Especially around the holy month of Ramadan can be very noisy.

9.  Waterfall

Lombok got a lot of waterfalls, especially in the northern part of the island. In the middle of Lombok will find people who deserve some as well, for example yarn knits or Stokel. There is no fresh water from this! Drinking, swimming or just let drop water ice cold frost back

10.  Sasak culture

Sasak is a native of this island, which currently accounts for about 85% of the total population in Lombok. Their culture is interesting as a visitor and you definitely need to experience it. It is known for in their food spiciness, crafts, music and dance to them, the average home or Sasak wedding with procession in the streets with “Beleq crowd” musician you need to experience. There are many wedding procession in Lombok, especially on the weekends. So you must see 10 Beautiful Places in Lombok Island.