Ova Cue Fertility Monitor Reviews – Do They Work?



This patented Ova Cue Fertility Monitor digital device is the fertility monitor made for women wanting to become pregnant. This small unit senses the concentration of electrolytes in their saliva, processes then analyzes the info, and then shows the results on its color display screen. With every month-to-month cycle, it can accurately forecast her time frame of ovulating up to seven days ahead of time — improving the potential chance of pregnancy.

Fertility Monitor Reviews all agree, OvaCue Fertility Monitor happens to be credited with helping 1000s of woman get pregnant. Along with a tested accuracy rate in excess of 98%, the monitor will effectively forecast ovulating by detecting the progressive increase of estrogen. The unit does all the work, by sensing this slow constant build up of the estrogen bodily hormone concentrated in your saliva. The small transportable unit can easily forecast and verify how near she is to ovulation and provide a optimum time period of her peak fertility. With a “lead time” of five to seven days before ovulation, she has time to plan for intercourse before she starts to ovulate. Because the egg cell will only be fertile for between twelve to 17 hours, time is important. Also, since sperm requires time for it to journey upward to the fallopian tube to fertilize the ovum, giving it plenty of time the sperm can be there when her ovulating starts, drastically increasing the chances of pregnancy.

The U.S. FDA approved OvaCue Fertility Monitor is completely safe. Unlike messy and unsanitary urine stick centered products, this spoon size sensing unit positioned on the tongue for just 3 mere seconds every day is the only thing which comes in touch with the user.

It has been used by females of all ages who have begun menstrual cycles. All you must do is just place the spoon-sized sensor to your tongue each morning. After simply 3 seconds the fertility device unit has collected the specified data. The system next evaluates the collected information, and within a few moments shows the results on a simple for you to understand screen. When the gadget detects the gradual qualitative increases of estrogen in the concentrated electrolytes inside your saliva, it will alert you in 5 up to 7 days ahead of your ovulating, enabling you the chance to plan and get ready for sexual intercourse, thereby improving your chances of getting pregnant.

Although the upfront cost of purchasing the unit is pricey, there’s absolutely nothing more to purchase (aside from the battery) to use the device for a long time. Simply by finding increased levels of estrogen in the spit of the user, this easy to use OvaCue Fertilization Monitoring easily transportable device gives an added edge by reminding her that she’s coming to optimum time to get pregnant. If searching for assistance by comprehending whenever she is most fertile, this device, having its high accuracy and reliability rate, lack of chemicals with no urine testing, is a system she might want to take into consideration.