23 Obvious Vital Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating! MUST READ!

There are several cases of cheating whereas the other half gets cheated on because their partners think that they are not good enough for them. Though there are other people who stay loyal in a relationship, there are still some that loves to play around.
You might want to pay attention to the smallest details in your relationship because the slightest changes in their routine often means that there is something that they are not telling you.

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Here are some of the changes that means that your partner is cheating on you:
1. Puts all the blame on you.
2. Putting passwords on their phone and gadgets
3. Obsession over their selves
4. Giving you surprises and unexpected gives to cover up his guilt on cheating
5. Too much attention in on their phone even though you’re already together
6. Too much time spent on computer or PCs
7. Unclear and indefinite details are being given to you.
8. Sudden vacations are being planned out not involving you.
9. Less interest is being shown on you.
10. More friends of the opposite sex is being introduced to you.
11. Having someone to talk to in the bathroom
12. Not committing in a serious relationship
13. Seeing any signs of lipstick stain
14. Having someone to talk to on the phone and whispering,
15. After returning from work, gives you a big smile which means that they had a good time with his cheating partner.
16. Reasons are being given to you so that you could not see each other
17. Gives you confirmation about your plans together but cancels it later on
18. Freaks out when your phone is on their hands
19. Always looks out hot and sexy people on social media
20. Lies about random things
21. Checks out other people when you are together
22. Their phone battery is always low.
23. Always check for you intuition because most of the time it is right. If you feel like something is wrong, do not ignore it.