This man helped an old woman cross the road. But how he does it is just hilarious!


Today, many people lose hope in ever changing the world we live in. Crimes never stop, and criminals go unpunished. The number of homeless people increase by the day. Wars and conflict ruling the world, which cause deaths of millions, and leaving survivors to die anyway.

But—there is hope in every one of us. Sometimes we don’t realize that a simple act of kindness can slowly change the world. From helping the elderly to cross the street, to helping somebody on the verge of death, they all make changes to our lives. But this act of kindness doesn’t simply motivate and inspire us—it literally puts a smile on our faces!

This passer-by on a road in Longyan city, Fujian Province on March 4, saw an elderly woman crossing the street. He decided to help the old woman cross the street since she was alone, and had nobody to assist her.

It was taking sometime for the old woman to cross, and he was getting a little impatient—so he sweeps her off her feet! Yep, he carried her to the other side of the road! Many Chinese netizens (and people around the world) are praising him for his selfless act—though it was a little funny.