Students brag about using the money from coin purse they pick in Makati


We all know that sense of panic when we realize that our wallet or purse is missing, especially if half of your life is in that wallet. Credit cards, debit cards, ID, insurance cards, money — you name it, it’s in there.

There were still a few honest people who have tried every possible way just to get a hold of the owner, however, if it falls into the wrong hands, it could be devastating.

This might be what the owner felt after losing his/her coin purse in a crowded section of Gil Puyat, Makati. But instead of returning the purse, the students who found it used the money to buy some foods.

What’s more disappointing, was when they had the guts to brag about it by posting their photo on Facebook eating at a cafeteria and thanking the unidentified owner for losing it.

They even sarcastically hoped that the owner arrived home safely despite what happened.

The post has now been shared hundreds of times with 2500 netizens reacting to it. While some wished an instant karma for the three, others just made fun out of it.