WATCH: Cristine Reyes Finally Speaks Up Towards The Controversial Issue With Vivian Velez!

When the news that the veteran actress Vivian Velez resigned on their show ‘Tubig at Langis’ because of the allegation that Cristine Reyes humiliated and disrespected her went viral online, many people had been waiting for the response of the actress.
Vivian claims that no one in the industry treated her that way ever since. It was the first time that a fellow actress did such thing to her.
Now, the Cristine Reyes breaks her silence towards the issue of her throwing out Velez out of the shared room.
Reyes said that Velez has been making it difficult for her to rest in the room because she was making too much noise.
She also said that the EP of the show already prepared her room so that she could be transferred.
“To be very clear about it, I never requested anyone at any point for Ms. Vivian to be transferred rooms,” she stressed. “In fact, I gladly welcomed production’s request for her to share a room with me while her room was stillunavailable. And despite the inconvenience I encountered while she was around, I had no intentions whatsoever of booting her out.”

Cristine Reyes apologized if she had made any mistake with the way she acted out saying, “I am also sorry that emotions got so heightened that some of my actions were misconstrued for rudeness when they were, more than anything else, my own way of coping with the stressful working conditions on this set in this particular instance. But I sincerely apologize if I hurt Ms. Vivian or anybody else.”

Source: ABS-CBN