Shocking Footage Shows Mother And Daughter On Escalator Smashed By Shopping Cart


Safety is the main reason why shopping carts are not advisable on escalators, and this CCTV footage which emerged from China shows the real danger of carts on such platform.

An unsuspecting mother and daughter have been slammed by a shopping cart while they were riding an escalator at a supermarket in Harbin, in the northern province of Heilongjiang.

The heart-stopping footage shows the mom holding her little girl as they travel onto the lower level.


Then out of nowhere, a half-full shopping trolley appears, falling from above and smashes right at them.



The pair was sent crashing to the floor.

According to CCTV News, the mother, named Xu, claimed to have fainted on impact, although she can be seen getting up after the fall. She also claims that her daughter’s face was covered in blood.


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