Her daughter’s mysterious illness was solved until this came out of her nose when she sneezed!


Children, especially toddlers, enjoy playing with small toys or items that can be dangerous to them. Parents sometimes overlook when children accidentally eat something that isn’t edible. But this child had something inside her body nobody expected—until she sneezed it out.

5-year-old Khloe Russell had ‘green discharge’ coming out of her nose constantly—and it stunk. Her mother was disturbed as no matter how they give her medicine for flu, her daughter’s condition still worsened.

Several doctors checked her and nobody could explain the bizarre medical problem. Khloe didn’t experience any pain, making it all the more baffling for some doctors. All doctors assumed that she had a sinus infection and prescribed many antibiotics which didn’t cure her at all.



It was only until her uncle told her to ‘blow her nose hard’ that she sneezed out a 1 ½ inch safety pin! It was all black and disintegrating, making it all the more dangerous. Apparently, Khloe forgot that she had put something inside her nose 6 months ago while playing.

Parents should always supervise their children when playing.