He was filming the road when something odd happened—the road started to breathe!


A man noticed something out of the ordinary in a public square in Cadimare, Italy. He saw something odd and decided to take a closer look. That was when he noticed the road was actually moving—as if it was breathing!

He took out his camera and decided to film the spectacular (and rare) sight. But if you look and listen closely, every time a wave can be heard crashing into the shore, the road bulges, as if breathing.


According to what the video’s capturer provided in the description, “The floor is raised when the wave slips under the dock. The effect is spectacular.”

Apparently, it is the same principle as a coastal blowhole. As a wave comes in, air is forced though an eroded section and that air pushes the blocks up. Yes, this isn’t the Earth actually breathing, but it still spectacular to see!