This Is Why You Should Never Kiss A Crab: Daredevil Crab Kisser Fails Miserably LOL


When I was a kid, I paid the price for playing with live crabs, the little ones. The truth is, I’m not really playing the crablet just for fun, as far as I can remember I was placing it in a container when suddenly…boom! One crablet caught my forefinger with its claw and it left me a bloody finger.

Since then, I always take precaution whenever there’s a live crab. But this video of a man teasing a crab by sticking out his tongue near the pincer is definitely funny but plain stupid! I really don’t know what’s got in to him for doing this stunt. But as far as I know it is bound to fail.

He sticks his tongue right between the pincers, teasing and tempting the crab.



At first, he was able to escape harm as he quickly removes his tongue every time the crab appeared to be clamping its claw.



Confident of his previous escape, he even dared himself more by pushing his tongue even further into the crab’s clutches. Then…SNAP!



In a blink of an eye, the crab closed its pincer and the guy was left in agony – a hilariously painful result.


While this dumb victim screams in pain, his friends tried to pull the crustacean off him. Finally his buddy was able to get the frantic exoskeleton to let go.