Maja Salvador, Sarah Lahbati and Arci Muñoz had a sizzling hot dance number in ASAP stage! Must watch!

This trio has been catching the attention of Filipino viewers because of their great dance numbers inABS-CBN’s ‘ASAP‘. These actresses are none other than Maja Salvador, Sarah Labhati and Arci Muñoz.
These three women are known for their gorgeous beauty and figure, and their intense performances on stage. They are always watched out by people because they have proven that they are not just good actresses.
And now, in the latest episode of the show, Maja, Sarah and Arci had a sizzling hot dance number. They danced to the tune of Beyonce’s ‘Formation’.
Their number raised the temperature with their all-girl power treat. Once again, these three didn’tdisappoint their fans.
Netizens claim that they are indeed great performers. They added that most of ABS-CBN’s stars are a total package.
Watch the video below!