After Reading This, You Will Surely Start Putting Cabbage Leaves On Your Feet And Chests! AMAZING!


Cabbages have a wonderful effect to the body. It works like a magnet which eventually pulls out the diseases from the body. Aside from being an amazing ingredients for sumptuous meals, it is also known for treating several conditions:

-Swellings because of Trauma
You can wrap cabbage leaves on the area which is swelling. This is effective when your hand or legs hit a very hard object. For best results you can compress this as you are sleeping.

-Thyroid Gland 
It gives the thyroid gland a boost to increase the metabolism, hormones and organ functioning in the digestive area. You can put the cabbage leave over the throat where the thyroid gland is located. Make sure that you cover it with a bandage or a shawl. Keep this overnight.

There are several reasons why you are having headaches. All you need to do is to grab some fresh cabbage leaves to the temples and upper part of the head and  place a hat or a cap to keep it in place.

-Breastfeeding pain
Compress the cabbage leaves onto the breast and the pain will magically go away. Do this every day and night.