Mysterious mummified body of a captain was found in a “Ghost Ship.” This will give you creeps!

A mysterious mummified body was found in an abandoned yacht drifting in the waters.
The said abandoned white yacht was found 62 miles off the coast of Barobo in Surigao Del Sur in thePhilippines. On February 25, 2016, a man named Christopher Rivas and one of his companions decided to enter the yacht, only to found a  mummified body of somewhat a captain of the ship.
They believed that the man was the captain and the owner of the yacht. The man was then identified as the 59-year-old German Adventurer  Manfred Fritz Bajorat who was last seen in Spain.
But what left them in total shock is the 32-word memoriam that Manfred Fritz Bajorat wrote for his wife Claudia who died from Cancer.
“Thirty years we’ve been together on the same path. Then the power of the demons was stronger than the will to live. You’re gone. May your soul find its peace. Your Manfred,” it stated.
Experts then claim that maybe because of the high temperatures and salty air that’s why the body of the captain was preserved. The German embassy in Manila is now searching for the remaining relatives of this man.