WARNING: Stop Texting While Walking – Girl Learn Life Lesson The Hard Way!

People these days, often give their full attention on their mobile phones, they were so focused with their gadgets that they even forgot that they are with someone. Let’s accept the fact that mobile phones are indeed useful, especially when it comes to communication, but let’s also face it that mobile phones are also distractions.


Most of the mobile users just can’t get their attention off of their phones. They can’t even take it whenever their mobile phones are out of their sight. Some even claim that they couldn’t live without mobile phones, which is somehow exaggerated.
Just like this recent accident that involves a Chinese girl whose left leg was stuck in a storm drain for a couple of hours.
According to some reports, this girl was holding her phone and is not paying attention to anything aside from her phone while she’s walking that’s why she got herself stuck in a storm drainage.
A lot of people who saw her tried to help her out, but the bars were so hard that no one can evenhelp the poor girl out. It took her another 45 minutes to be finally out of the storm drainage after a group of firemen came to rescue her.
The good thing about this incident is that this Chinese girl learned that she should never text while walking because she might get herself stuck in a storm drainage again. The bad news is that she learned her lesson the hard way.