This man reunites with the gorilla he raised for 5 years. How the gorilla reacted will shock you!

The only way for our world to keep on moving forward is to help the environment develop and improve the quality of our environment. But how are we going to do such thing if we know for sure that we’re doing the reverse thing? Instead of preserving the beauty of our environment, we abuse it instead.
And also, our environment will be useless without the presence of the animals, may it be a wild animal or a pet. What’s great in this society is that there are still lots of people and organizations who are very much willing to save a life and preserve the wildlife!
One of those people who really cared for the environment is the English conservationist namedDamian Aspinall. He was able to nurture this gorilla as if it was his own son. He even named the gorilla as “Kwibi“.
The Aspinall Foundation has been reintroducing and reestablishing captive gorillas back into the wild from England, to the jungles of Gabon Africa, for the past ten years.
At the age of 5, Kwibi was then freed by Damian for him to be able to live in the wild again. After so many years, Damian decided to go after Kwibi and to see how he’s doing in the jungle, although he was unsure that Kwibi will still recognize him, he still spent hours exploring the jungle, looking for Kwibi.


As he was about to reach the end of the river, he somehow lost hope that he will be seeing Kwibi again. But God is indeed good, after Damian called out Kwibi for a couple of times, he finally showed up.
Just like the old times, Damian fed up Kwibi and took care of him again. Their reunion was filmed, and has already inspired a lot of people.
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