This little bundle of joy makes everybody smile by greeting and hugging everybody—adorable!


After a long day at work or school, we often feel like our world is slowly crumbling down. Sometimes, all we need is a hug or a simple greeting from just anybody to make our day better. This one-year-old bundle of joy does just that—and makes everybody’s hearts melt!

She happily walks around this grocery shop and waves hello to everyone. Seeing an adorable little girl waving at them, they respond by waving back and saying hello. She does this to everybody she sees, obviously making all those people happy as well.


She then spots a grandma and immediately waves at her. As soon as the woman waves back at her, she comes rushing towards the woman with her arms wide open! She gave the woman a warm hug, warm enough to melt her heart. Thanks Joey, you surely made my day too!