191-Years-Old Woman Who Lives In Nigeria Was Said To Be The Oldest Living Person In The World!

There are several stories about the centenarians that have made marks over the social media sites. Centenarians are the people who have reached the age of 100 years old. They have live more than a 100 years on the planet which is really incredible.
One of them is Mama Esifiho who is said to have been living in this planet for 191 years already. Based on the estimation of her great-great grandson, Mr. Avuefeyen, Mama Esifiho claims that she have witnessed the birth of the grandfather of Mr. Avuefeyen.
It is a well known fact that in Africa many old people does not have an idea of their age. Most of them does not even know their birthday. So they just keep on estimating their ages.
Based on the source Mama Esifiho is said to be the oldest person in the community of Ellu which was founded back in the 18th century.