This Filipino has invented a process that turns plastic wastes into Gasoline! Mind-blown!


It is undeniable that the Philippines has a huge problem when it comes to waste materials especially in terms of plastics. The government of the Philippines has already implemented several laws that will surely prohibit people from using plastics.

Behold, a Filipino named Jayme Navarro has invented a process that could turn plastics into Gasoline, Kerosene and even Diesel.

Usually, plastics were being sent to the dump sites. But in Rizal, plastics are being collected and recycled, not just in any reusable material but into different types of fuels.

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This process is called Pyrolysis, wherein plastics are being broken down into smaller pieces until it turns to a powder.
The company of Ploy-Green Technology and Resources is the company that’s capable of turning these wastes into a fuel which is 5 pesos cheaper than the usual price of the fuel.