In this video, a group of crazy fishermen disturbed a resting anaconda.

Four men in Brazil went on a trip in the Santa Maria River to spot some reptiles. It seems that it was their lucky day because they spotted a large yellow anaconda who’s resting after a decent meal.
Using their wooden oar, they poked the resting anaconda and in just a few minutes, the anaconda then moved and swim through the water to escape them.
As the anaconda swims through the water to escape from  the threat, one of these guys suddenly claim the tail of the anaconda which prevented the anaconda from swimming away from them.


They repeatedly claim the tail of the anaconda twice. The whole incident was filmed and was posted in social media, which immediately went viral.
Their video caught the attention of the Brazilian Environmental authorities and they were very much disappointed with what they saw. So for a punishment, they were asked to pay a fine of $600 each and a community service.
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