6 Sy.mp.toms o.f he.art att.a.ck wh.ich peo.ple sho.uld ne.ver ign.ore! M.ust read!

Heart attack is named as one of the leading causes of deaths in different parts of the world, especially inAmerica. 25% of deaths are caused by this deadly disease. This may be because of high cholesterol,high blood and  smoking.
Below are the signs and symptoms of heart attack that you shouldn’t ignore:
1. Chest Discomfort
If you are having a burning sensation or pinching in the chest area, you should quickly consult for a treatment of doctor. It happens when you are involved in a physical activity or even when you’re resting.
2. Tiring Feeling
Sudden fatigue or loss energy may be signs of heart attack. This happens when you are easily drained even if you have multiple naps a day.
3. Never Ending Cold Symptoms 
Having a cold that never go away despite taking medicines may indicate that you have a problem in the blood.
4. Swelling
It usually occurs in the ankles, legs and feet. This happens when you are having difficulties pumping blood to your body.
5. Dizziness
Due to lack of blood supply, the brain does not get the right amount of oxygen to function well.
6. Shortness of Breath
As the heart becomes weak, the lungs too are affected.