WATCH: Vice Ganda confirmed that he will be leaving showtime


After Vice Ganda controversial statement about his performance on Magpasikat might be the last performance that they the audience will see.

A lot of speculations about him leaving the show came up. The Madlang people were bothered by the very emotional hosts saying his speech as if it was his last day on the show.

In the interview with Gretchen Fullido, Vice confirmed that he will be taking a break from the noon time show. The major concern in this matter is his health.

Vice said that he his voice needs to be cured as soon as possible before it gets worse. If not given the proper treatment he will lose his voice completely.

This procedure requires total voice rest for the hosts. If he will be on the show, the procedure will be impossible to follow.


Vice’s fans and supporters showed their love for the comedian as they sent out their loving messages for him through the social media.