She rejects this guy’s ‘Indecent Proposal’. But when offered $3000, she does this!


Women looking for stable and rich men is no news. Women prefer to live a life where they don’t need to tire themselves with their daily jobs, taking care of children, and household chores all at the same time. Many women want a life of ease. Who doesn’t, right? So a guy can grab a woman’s attention with shiny, expensive objects? Yes, it seems.

While men seek beauty, women seek wealth. It is a fact that men can be picky when it comes to the physical features of a woman, so why can’t a women base her choices on their wealth too? But, these women could’ve been more discreet about their choices, if you know what I mean.


YouTuber RiskyRobTV approaches this woman who was reading a book in the park. He gives her an ‘indecent proposal’ to which she immediately refuses. “I don’t do this type of thing,” she says, but he doesn’t give up. He offers her $3000—see what she does then!