As she took the stage, she was quite nervous. But when she starts singing? Sarah G. Loses it!

Surely, there were a lot of children who indeed got the talent and at the same time, the confidence. However, there’s this one little girl who stood up from everyone, not just because of her mesmerizing talent, but also because of the story in her performance.
Meet the 7-year-old girl from Ilagan, Isabela named Kenshley Abad. She was able to surprise CoachSarah Geronimo on her audition in The Voice Kids 2 just by singing Luther Vandross’ “Dance with My Father.”
During her audition, you can definitely say that Kenshley is quite nervous because she was pronouncing the words of the song with a little shaky feeling. She even misses to reach some of the notes of the song and she wasn’t pronouncing the words clearly.
But still, she showed everyone that despite her nervousness, she can still shine! As she sings the last note of the song, Coach Sarah suddenly pressed the button and turns to her.