Mysterious guardian angel saved a teenager from a terrifying car crash!

You’ve probably seen and read a variety of articles and news about guardian angels saving people from losing their lives, but this one will surely be the most miraculous story you’ll ever know.
Anyone who experiences a terrifying car crash will definitely be unsure if he will still live or not, or what will really happen to him and his family.
Just like this incident which involves a girl named Katie. Katie is indeed a beautiful girl with, of course, a beautiful smile on her face. But everyone was suddenly uncertain of what she’d look like after she was stuck in her car that was hit by a drunk driver.
According to some reports, as the accident took place, people around them were taking photo ofthe accident because of believing that they really saw a man who prayed for Katie’s life before the car crash.
During the car crash, a priest seemingly appeared from nowhere to bless Katie and then disappear right after he prayed for Katie’s life. Because of this rumors, people who took photos from the incident scanned the images and to their surprise, the priest even disappeared in the images.
Now, the rescuers were on the hunt in finding the priest who people claim to be the reason whyKatie survived the car accident, to take note that several bones of Katie were broken yet her face was still beautiful as it is for not having a single scratch from the car accident.
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