This Guy Exposed A Gold Digger And Dumps Her Like A Boss, Literally!


Nobody loves gold diggers, except when they are taught a lesson they deserve. That’s why YouTuber Josh Paler Lin made another controversial 2-in-1, social experiment gold digger prank to show the world the true nature of these kind of women.

In this prank, Josh who is wearing a colorful pajamas, approaches a woman sitting outside a cafe and asks her to hangout.

But the woman immediately turns him down, telling she has a boyfriend and that it’s “kinda serious”. Rejected, Josh left the scene.

10 minutes later, a man dressed in a nice grey suit, steps out of a Mercedes and also approaches the woman.

He asks her if she can join her and she instantly accepted his offer.

He also asks if she has a boyfriend and she says none. The way she treats this rich-looking guy is far from the way she treated Josh, she even tells him she’ll be glad to have a drink with him. At this point it is already clear she’s a gold digger.

Meanwhile, Josh comes back only to reveal that he is actually the boss of the guy in suit before changing his clothes and stepping into his gorgeous supercar.

Realizing she made a poor mistake lately, the woman ditched the other guy and approaches Josh. She then tells him her relationship with her boyfriend “isn’t that serious”, that they should “hang out together sometime”, and it “might be a good idea to get to know each other”.

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