At first, you’ll think it’s cool but wait when you find out who the boy’s making friends with!

Scientists have long been studying about the how people, as much as animals, need warmth. That is also the reason why our social skills is something that would differ so much from any other creature. We have that instinct and intuition, along with our cognitive skills to separate us from the rest of the world’s living things.


Presumably, that is also the reason why we love having pets to cuddle and play with – and that also explains how easily we can connect to these animals. Take for example this young boy with an unlikely friendship with an extremely dangerous creature. Read on!
Cats, hamsters, guinea pigs and dogs are the usual pets we see our kids playing with. But that’s an exception for this young kid, who loves to bond with a stingray! And this enormous stingray doesn’t threaten him a bit.
Watch the video below!

This kid doesn’t even bother thinking what will happen if it stings him. Stingrays possess heavy  barbs with poisonous venom right at their tails and whenever they feel threatened, they tend to use it. As a matter of fact, Australian TV star and nature enthusiast Steve Irwin got killed by one. But it seems unlikely in this case, as this young kid, tends to him with proper care and respect. This stingray’s pretty safe! Well, that’s fortunate for this kid right here.