Little boy, teary-eyed, bids farewell to his bestfriend; This will surely pinch your heart!

We all have our best friend when we are little kids. Most of us have pet puppies or kittens – some animals we spend our time with while waiting for our parents to go home from their engineering and finance jobs at the office. Sometimes, we need warmth and affection and these pets give us that, which makes us grow attachment with them.
It is truly heartbreaking when you found out that you’re losing your pet and saying goodbye, could really give you loneliness. Take for example this little boy who realizes his pet fish had died.
In this video, he cried and mourned for the sorry fish as he brought him to the bathroom. He kissed the little fish for a couple times before flushing it to the toilet. You will be left in awe when you see him grieving over the fish!


His face turned red and his cute eyes turned sorrowful. It was really heartbreaking for the little boy as he got emotional losing his pet fish.
It’s good that at an early age, this little boy knows how to appreciate the littlest of things. He also learned the core value of taking care and being responsible for something. More than the death of his pet, he had grown one step close to emotional maturity. Don’t you think?
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