Now This Is Too Cute! Korean Girl Surprises Her Boyfriend With A Dance Wedding Proposal


We’ve already featured unique marriage proposals executed by creative and loving gentlemen, yet it still surprising when women defy tradition and do the same. Last time awoman who proposed to her boyfriend of two weeks failed miserably. But not all women suffered the same fate, as one Korean girl make her own cute proposal for her one true love that will definitely make your day.

The unnamed young lady has been in relationship with her boyfriend for a long time. But proposing to his girlfriend doesn’t seem to get in his mind yet. Thus, with the help of her friends, the girl planned a flash mob wedding proposal for her sweetheart.

That day, the girl knew her boyfriend would go to a shopping center with his friends. So, with the cooperation of his bf’s friend, he took him to the spot where they are doing the proposal.

He was surprised when the adorable ladies started dancing to the beat of “Bubidu by A Pink” while the crowd cheered in amazement.

While executing their kawaii dance, the ladies grabbed some signs that says “Will you marry me?”

The effortful girlfriend then approached her boyfriend with a happy spring in her step, as she gave him a bouquet.

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