Ellen Adarna Unveils the Politician Who Tries to Get a Hit on Her in a Forbidden Interview!


Ellen Adarna has got to be one of the most intense actresses in today’s showbiz industry. The people on Social Media started adoring her because of her straight to the point answers on any kind of interview.

On DJ Mo Twister’s Forbidden Questions, Ellen was asked what’s her favorite position when having s@@xual intercourse. She demonstrated it in front of the crowd without any hesitations. But everyone was shocked when she stated that there is one politician who have been trying to get a hit on her.

Check out a clip of this interview and see it for yourself! Keep your eyes peeled and ears open while watching this!

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Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr. ran for the position of Senator under the administration K-4 coalition. He won and received the second highest number of votes from the national electorate. But he was convicted after being involved in Pork Barrel Scam. The full interview is down below.