Disturbing CCTV Footage Captured The Creepy Moment Before The Mysterious Death Of This Woman!

It was the instinct of every parent to worry for their children whenever they started doing something that they does not usually do.
This is what happened when the parents of Elisa Lim did not get the usual phone call from their daughter one day. They started being anxious because it was not her usual routine.
Back in January 31, 2014, the 21-year-old Canadian woman was supposed to check out of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles which is one of the locations where crimes usually happen.
When Elise disappeared, the public’s attention was caught because of the CCTV Footage that was found by the police officers.
The strange behavior of the woman was seen as she was constantly entering and exiting the elevator which is not closing. It was really and odd act because no one was there with her.
But nineteen days after, the staff of the hotel had a complaint about the taste  and the color of the water. They then went to the rooftop and checked the water tank.
They were shocked when they found the body of the woman, which is partly being decomposed.
Some claims that the woman might be under the influence of drugs and alcohol, but according to the autopsy, no signs of substance were found in her system.
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