Asthma And Bronchitis Symptoms Can Be Radically Improved With A Few Simple Steps


When I was 2 years old, breathing in a fertilizer made of chemicals and that night, I almost died .. Amazingly, I survived. However, my lungs are scarred and permanently damaged me asthma and severe bronchitis. After that fateful day, I literally went in and out of hospital every two weeks with collapsed lungs, pneumonia and coma at the age of five years, doctors gave up and said he would not live beyond five years.

The doctors sent me to live full time in a year in one of the world’s best known facilities for research in Denver called the National Jewish Hospital and there saved my life. Although it was much healthier than before, I was still regularly sick with pneumonia and was hospitalized at least twice a year every year until college when a fatal thing happened.

While home during college on a Thanksgiving break, I came down with double pneumonia and was hospitalized for ten days. I had a new doctor as my family had moved and I said something that changed my life forever. He said that if I improved my eating, got regular sleep and the sun, I would reduce the number of times I ended up in hospital.

Now that may not seem so radical in his case. Every day, doctors are giving us advice on nutrition and health. But the seriousness with which we took and in dealing with asthma or bronchitis, nutrition is not usually the first thing that comes to mind of a physician. But for some reason, really struck me advice and from that moment I began to radically change my lifestyle, so much so, that did not return to hospital for a total of fifteen years!

The conclusion is that easy and simple changes, when taken seriously, can bring good health when it comes to bronchitis and asthma.

What were the changes I made? Here they are. These are simple, yet striking and give great improvements as well.

  1. Organic food: I started learning about organic foods and added to my food. By eating fewer hormones, antibiotics and chemicals found in non-organic food, I was making my body healthier and stronger.
  2. Fresh, raw foods: When you eat raw fruits and vegetables, you get the full available nutrients and enzymes. As soon as the food is heated to over 118%, the enzymes begin to die so when you do not eat enough raw foods, they become weak and our bodies start to get sick. Having a raw apple a day is not enough. To really be the biggest boost, you must have a majority or more than 50% of their daily diet comes from fresh raw foods such as strawberries, melons and salads.
  3. Multi-Vitamins: Many of us are deficient in nutrients and do not even know. Small symptoms and health problems can be reached that could be easily concealed with medicine, but the real cause of the problem can sometimes be fixed with a good vitamin. To make sure you get a vitamin that works, make sure it is based on whole foods and organic, otherwise your body will just pee out. The one I’ve seen the most dramatic improvements is + juice. I not only had fewer colds and flus, but so does my 4 years old.
  4. Exercise and the sun: There are many benefits of exercise to help our lungs get stronger, but the sun is also very important and can play an important role since they are the vitamins that your body produces only from being in the sun. At the same time, the sun improves your mood – a double whammy benefit!
  5. Animal products: This is a more difficult for many people, but decided to become a vegetarian and then even a vegan. My lung problems were so severe he had to take drastic measures to improve, but most people can see big improvements if only by reducing the amount of meat or dairy products they consume. To help you decide if you can reduce some of the meat and dairy products you eat, check out a support forum where you can see what others have experienced too.

Nothing can replace the great medical miracles of today, health-doctors and nurses provide. In dealing with any illness should be your first source of help. I totally recommend doing everything possible to eat more fresh, natural foods and natural lifestyle. I know without doubt that you can see major improvements in respiratory health while feeling more vibrant and energetic at once ..

There are great websites and forums to help you get more information on the methods of natural and alternative health. They are well worth the time and research.