This Guy Created His Own Kinton Cloud And Roamed The Streets Of Taipei Dressed As Goku


There are a lot of awesome videos in the internet, with tons emerging each day, but have you ever seen someone riding a nimbus cloud? Well, it may sound ridiculously impossible but one Taiwanese guy made it possible using a few tricks.

Youtuber  or Vane Agents in English, turned himself into real-life ‘Goku’ of Dragon Ball, riding his famous ‘Kinto’un cloud’ and the result is surprisingly awesome!

To make this eye-catching stunt he first built his own Kinton cloud using a self-balancing hoverboard.

Then dressed himself into Goku’s character (except the hair, which is pretty understandable lol).

With all set up, he roams the street of Taipei, casually riding his epic Kinton cloud.


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