This Couple Fights Over Spilled Coffee In Public, What The Guy Did To Resolve The Matter Is Epic


Seeing lovers quarreling in public makes other uncomfortable, just like public display of affection. Admit it, it’s awkward and irritating to see couples fighting in the open as they should settle any disagreement closed-door. Somehow, this video of a couple in China gave a big laugh to many after the guy took the matter into a different level just to settle their argument.

The video posted on Weibo starts off with a row between the lovers, where the woman screams at her partner over a spilled coffee in the middle of a shopping center in Hangzhou, China.

The furious girlfriend took off while her partner runs after her, trying to amend his clumsiness, but she pushed him away twice before stopping for a truce.

The woman then shouted “ROLL!”. In Chinese, roll or gǔn is commonly used as an equivalent of “get lost!”

I think the woman really meant “get lost” but this guy literally rolled over the floor to sort out the problem.

The man continues to roll while his furious partner followed along, as confused onlookers watch their tantrums play. At one point, the girlfriend even shoved him with her foot and they had a short exchange of words before the guy took off rolling again.

The guy must have put quiet a show in their epic “lovers quarrel”, though he might have lost his dignity for doing so.

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