Pre-Teen Dating



Pre-teen dating proves men are born with their own unique ability to meet girls.

If the primal instinct of humans is to propagate our species, then doesn’t it make sense that we have all been born with a deep natural ability to carry out our DNA’s instructions. This is to meet and seduce women.

Pre-teen Boys and Girls

If you watch little boys and girls playing together, you will observe they have a natural curiosity about each other. They know there is difference however they are too young to understand the difference.

For instance, my 4 1/2 year old niece and 4 year old nephew were playing in the bath together. When their mothers came into the bathroom they observed my niece was pulling on my nephews’ penis.

My nephew is instinctively dawn to be a male. He tries to hug little girls, he tries to kiss them and he loves to cuddle up next to them. When asked if he likes girls, his response is an emphatic “no”.

Little boys play with little girls. Sex will not become an issue for another 10 years or more. So the boys have little at stake, little too loose. If the girl does not like him, so what, he just moves on. If left to their own devices away from parental supervision their natural instincts takes over. I know this because I have experienced this myself.

My Pre-Teen Dating Experiences

When I was about 9 my parents sent me away on a camp for 2 weeks. On the bus trip down to the camp I had already had my first girl friend; she was the most beautiful girl on the bus. Our relationship lasted less than the bus journey but it didn’t matter, I had moved onto my next girl friend.

Over the two weeks I had a new girl friend every day. The approach was easy, run up, kiss her on the cheek and see what happened. If she spoke to you she was your girl friend, if she walked away you ran up to the next girl.

At such a young age, there is little at stake. There was never going to have anything remotely sexual with her, and as for a relationship, as a boy it just didn’t cross my mind.

The roles seem to be reversed. Ask a pre-teen boy if he likes girls and he usually will deny it. But if you look at pre-teen girls, they seem to be chasing the boys.

Pre-Teen Dating With My First Regular Girl Friend

The following year, when sent away again, the same thing happened. The player in me surfaced. I chased all the girls. By camps end, the girl I was chasing was Charlotte Parkinson.

After the camp I thought nothing about it. I went back to school and my friends.

A few weeks later Charlotte called. She was beautiful and 3 days older than me. We caught up a few times, but I didn’t have a clue how to play properly with her. I was too young to appreciate the opposite sex. I lost interest. I stopped seeing her.

She didn’t. She started to turn up at sporting events that I participated in. She used to call my mother to ask how I was doing. I was so young and naïve, I just didn’t have a clue.

How It All Ended

It all ended when I immigrated. The night before I was to get on the plane, my mother called me to the phone. It was Charlotte. After the phone call I was in love. My mother told me that she had been calling her for years to check up on me