Netizen calls “Visayans” boastful and rude


As election approaches, each Filipino citizen has it’s own candidate to support. So it’s no surprise if someone will spread negative things against the others.

A post shared by Enrique Caricon has made netizens fuming after a certain man discriminated people from Visayas and Mindanao.

It was quite obvious that he was not a fan of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who was currently running for the Presidency.

He said that Duterte will not win the election as Tagolog people doesn’t want a Bisayan President.



He didn’t only insulted the Iron-hand but also the people from the South Philippines referring them as criminals especially most housemaids who he said, steal from their employers in Manila and abuse their children.

As expected, the post made it the public and he is now being bashed for being insensitive to other cultures