Lesbian Goes Back to Being A Girl After Falling In Love With His Best Friend Who Has A Girlfriend, What Happened To Their Situation Was Unbelievable!

Another controversy was featured in the intriguing show that was hosted by Amy Perez entitled, Face-to-face. This show aims to solve the existing problems of certain people in the society allowing them to try to talk it out.
One of the episodes of the show involved a lesbian who decided to be a girl after giving up herself to the guy who was said to be his ‘best friend forever.
However, it was not a good ending for the both of them because the man is currently in a relationship with a straight girl who admitted that they are making love as well.
The people were in complete shock because of this controversy. It appears as if the lesbian woman is the one who loves the man, but the man loves his girlfriend. It is really a complicated matter.
How it was resolved can be seen here!