Lani Miscalucha Pranked by Vice Ganda. Lani was caught on camera panicking after being pranked


Asia’s Nightingale Lani Miscalucha was pranked by Vice Ganda prior to her guesting at “Gandang Gabi Vice (GGV).”

Vice partnered with Odyssey, the makeup artist and hairstylist; Jayson, the stylist; and Flori, the personal assistant.


Odyssey acted like she received a text message that irked her. She then started to throw things in front of Miscalucha leaving the singing sensation baffled.


Odyssey then acted walking out saying that she’s leaving everything to the rest of the crew, which irked Jayson, who also walked out the room.


It left Miscalucha panicking. When one of the show’s crew appeared informing her that she’s about to be called, the singer panicked more. She was forced to do her makeup.


Vice then appeared. He pulled Miscalucha out the room saying that it’s time and her makeup is ok. Outside were Oddyssey and Jayson.