LGBT Group Started A 1Million Signature Campaign To Ban The Upcoming Boxing Fight Of Manny Pacquiao!

A signature campaign was held by the activist members of the LGBT Community. This is still a part of the issue towards the statement that Manny Pacquiao said when he was asked on his stand towards the same marriage.
In that interview he said that the acts of same couple are ‘worse than animals’. This started the rage between the pros and antis of the issue.
Many people expressed their own insights towards the controversy. However, there are some that still could not accept the apology of the boxer.
Based on the signature campaign that aims to gather 1 million signatures from the people around the country, this would ban the telecast of the upcoming fight of the boxer to the Filipino viewers.
‘We don’t want to see Manny Pacquiao’s face again on television’, said one of the members of the LGBT group.
They claim that they didn’t see any regrets from the boxer. But many Filipinos said that they would not be joining the campaign and that they will still support the fight of Pacquiao because he is doing it to bring pride to the country.
But this is just another hoax story that was made by a creative mind. None of these were true.