Fake nose? Annoyed Kim Chiu reacts


Actress Kim Chiu, who has been dubbed as “Chinita Princess,” is popular for her unique facial features, such as chinky eyes and pointed nose.

But many people continue to ask if these were cosmetically enhanced.

Last Friday evening, the 25-year-old actress took to Instagram to prove she did not have her nose undergo enhancement procedures.


“Don’t want to post this na sana pero para matigil na. Some people don’t understand puberty and what make up can do (thanks to my makeup artists),” she wrote in the Instagram post.

To end the controversy, Chiu posted a photo of her face and an X-ray image taken in 2014 when she was injured in a car accident.

“Last 2014, I got into a car accident. and my nose got hit sa bakal ng car. It was bleeding so hard na ayaw tumigil that I was so scared. Kaya nagpa-check up ako and pina-Xray,” she added.

To her surprise, the nurse who handed her the X-ray result noted, “Ay Ma’am Kim, tunay pala ilong mo?” Although she was offended by the unsolicited remark, the actress said she chose to “just walk away.”


So, yes, she claims that her nose is real.