Exclusive Interview With ‘How To Survive A Break Up’ Star Eisen Lim Goes Viral!


Many people are constantly looking for ways to forget their ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriends. However, there are times when the love is just too strong that even if you try your best, the feeling is still there.

Just like what happened with this man who is still looking at the Instagram account. Looking at the photos and updates on the life of his ex-girlfriend. It has been 5 years since they broke up but he still cries over the new found boyfriend of his past.

Until one accident happened to him as he was scrolling down the photos of the woman and her new boyfriend. He suddenly hit the ‘like’ button on the mobile application. Just when he was about to dis-like the photo, his mobile data had run out.

He panicked saying that he didn’t want her to think that he is still inlove with her, which is true and that he bitter that she had found another.