Watch: Mother forced her young son to have a tattoo! Unbelievable!


Mothers are admired because of all the things they could do and give to their children. They also sacrifice a lot and go through many trials and problems while taking care of their children.

The fact that they are not being paid for it and are doing it out of their unconditional love for their children, mothers are continuously praised and applauded for their hard work.

However, not all mothers deserve to be a mother because they do things that harm their children. An example of this is the viral video spread online which shows how a mother forced her young son to have a tattoo on his arm.

The child can be seen crying while the mother held him tight so that he could not move. Netizens gave nagative opinions about the video and the mother.

Some claims that they pity the son for having that kind of mother. Others added that it is torture for the child and that the mother should be arrested.




There were also neutral and safe comments, saying we should not judge the mother because we don’t know the story behind it.