This Girl Kept On Asking Money From Her Mother Who Works Abroad, The Reason Why Will Surely Anger You!

The series of text messages and conversation are now being uploaded online to bring lesson to the younger generation.
Most of these text messages are being made up by the creative minds of the people who can be a writer someday.
One of the fictional stories that will bring tears to your eyes is the story of a mother named Mildred Llavoreand her daughter Elize Llavore.
Mildred works abroad to sustain the needs of her children and to make sure that they would have a better future ahead of them. But the daughter, Elize is very ungrateful of all the things that her mother is doing for her. She kept on asking for money from her saying that she would use it in school.
But she only uses the money to fulfill her vices such as drugs, partying all night, alcohol and sleeping with boys.
In the end, the story will show you how  unconditional a mother’s love can be. But many children take it for granted.