Strange-looking White Dragon Was Caught On Cam Inside A Cave!

A mysterious creature was spotted in a cave. There are some people who claims that this might be a snake, a mermaid or a dragon.
Because of the long features that looks like a snake, along with 4 small parts that looks like its feet, many people claim that this is really a strange creature.
But based on the research that was done, this creature is called the olm or proteus. It is a kind of salamander that lives in the waters that is often seen in cave-dwelling.
This creature purely leaves in the waters, making it an aquatic animal who eats, sleeps and breeds in water.
This is often called as the ‘human fish’ because of the color which is similar to the white people. Some call it the ‘cave salamander’ or the ‘white salamander’.
The olms is known for their capability to survive living in the darkness because the eyes of the creature are undeveloped.


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