She accidentally left her purse on the bench. This is what this guy does after she left!


Is the saying ‘the occasion makes the thief’ true? To test people’s honesty, Joey Salads conducted this social experiment. As a bait, a woman would purposely leave her purse on the bench after her boyfriend picks her up. Will people honestly return the purse, or will they take what isn’t theirs?

As soon as the woman got in her boyfriend’s Ferrari, people sitting beside her had the same idea in mind: take the money/purse and pretend nothing’s wrong. According to many netizens, the bait was effective since they saw the girl getting in a rich man’s car, and with this, people assume she is already rich and will not worry about a small purse.


Whether or not the victim is rich, nobody has the right to take what is hers. They could’ve immediately given the purse back—but they chose to keep it for themselves.

But at the end of the video, two boys decided to give the purse back by giving it to the store where the girl came from. Honesty has its rewards!