Pacquiao Accepts Losing Votes From LGBT Saying, ‘I Won’t Compromise My Belief And Faith In The Lord’

The senatorial aspirant Manny Pacquiao received different kinds of comments from the people in the online community after he said the words, saying that the people who are in the same gender marriage.
In the midst of these controversies, the Sarangani Representative says that it is okay for him to lose votesrather than bending his faith and beliefs to gain the acceptance of the people.
In an interview that he had with Radyo DZMM, Manny Pacquiao said, “I don’t want to compromise my faith and my belief in the Lord because I want salvation to my life.”
He further explained that when he compared the people who are involved in the same-sex acts are worse than animals is just a truth that he said from the bible. Pacquiao said that it was only a Biblical truth.
“I am not judging anyone because I have my own faults. I’m just telling the truth based on the Bible and theWord of God. If we really believe God then we should obey His Word,” Pacquiao added.