Vice Ganda insulting Manny Pacquiao and Mommy Dionesia has gone viral


Vice Ganda is now facing criticisms after his past video in a comedy bar has gone viral again.

The supporters of Manny Pacquiao including the outstanding journalist Even De Mata are the people who uploaded the video of Vice Ganda on Facebook. Many people criticised Vice Ganda because the video contains many insults against Manny Pacquiao and to his Mother Dionesia Pacquiao.

According to them, they didn’t know that Vice Ganda is already throwing stones to Pacquiao many years ago, but the Boxing Champ didn’t paid any attention to it. Now, Vice Ganda is still criticising Pacquiao because of his insulting statement against the LGBT community, but the Pacman fans is still there to support the Filipino Hero.

According to the supporters of Pacquiao, The Boxing Champ never reacts when people is making fun of him or his family.