Senator Grace Poe defends her son for buying expensive Limited Edition Nike shoes!


Brian Poe-Llamanzares, the one and only son of presidential candidate Senator Grace Poe, is currently being criticized with his Instagram photo flaunting an expensive limited edition Nike shoes. It was reported that it costs almost P900,000 when converted to Philippine peso.

In a press conference, Senator Grace Poe claims that she knew about the controversy involving her son on social media. She added that Brian has the purchasing capacity and the right to choose want he wants.

She also said that her husband Neil Llamanzares taught their children to value saving their money and their work. Poe pointed out that her son didn’t steal money to buy expensive personal things like shoes.

Poe underscored that Brian should not be dragged with her political affairs because he has nothing to do with it and he has done nothing wrong. “He is a private citizen who deserves his privacy.”