His sweet proposal was turned into a nightmare! Romantic proposal FAILED!


We’ve heard a lot of stories on how guys exerted so much effort in planning and in the making of their “oh-so” sweet surprise for their girlfriend, may it be for Valentine’s or their Anniversary.

But then, the internet isn’t just filled with romantic proposals and sweet surprises, but also failed and truly epic surprises that were done by men.

Dave, a 20-year-old chain smoker decided to plan a huge and sweet surprise for the girl he likes. Everything was set, balloons, roses, banners and of course, the teddy bear.

It was obvious that the girl was really shocked and of course, touched with his efforts, but theneverything changed when she declined his proposal. She claims that she really likes him but then she doesn’t want to be with a guy who’s a smoker.

A lot of people quickly judged the video by saying that what the girl did was too much.

Meanwhile, the CBA Dean of Our Lady of Fatime University in Quezon City has revealed that this footage of a “Sweet proposal, failed” is an entry in the Guerrilla Marketing Competition that was held by the College of Business and Accountancy in connection with the “NO SMOKING CAMPAIGN.”